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Black Candies: The Eighties

We’re living in a loop. Things keep repeating. The eighties almost killed us, and now they’re back to finish the job.

Black Candies: The Eighties features 23 stories of analog horror that slice through the late-night whirr of VHS, the big hair, and neon parties to prove that nostalgia is the real murderer behind the mask.

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Black Candies: Surveillance

Black Candies: Surveillance is a literary journal dedicated to evolving and advancing the beloved horror genre. Each edition is themed, with special editorial attention paid to soliciting works from new voices, many of whom have published previously in other realms.

We’re never alone. Paranoia has replaced privacy. Secrets are the new currency. The strangers who watched from the street now watch from within. For our third issue of Black Candies, we found 11 smart, terrifying stories that explore the theme of “Surveillance” in explicit, implicit and abstract ways. These stories not only touch on the contradiction of the securities of our modern era, but unearth the deeper terror, paranoia, and anxiety that results.- SSWA Edited by Ryan Bradford

Featuring fiction from: Angus McIntyre, Valerie E. Polichar, Julia Evans, Gabriela Santiago, Melissa Gutierrez, Berit Ellingsen, Jake Arky, Matt Lewis, Chris Curtis, Kevin Sampsell, Ron Gutierrez, and Wade Pavlick.

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Last Night on Earth

Tonight, the world will end. Everything you love will cease to exist. How do you spend your last 24 hours? When everything you know is going to die, how do you live? So Say We All asked 22 authors to write from the perspective of their lives–as they lived them at the moment in reality–if they had woken up one morning to learn the world would end in 24 hours, answering the implicit question, “what would you do?”

Strip away the illusion of a having a future and inject an overwhelming need to act, and what you get is Last Night On Earth a single novel written by different authors from all over the world, chronicling the final day of their lives in the face of a coming apocalypse. Evocative of War of the Worlds (without the aliens) meets Our Town if it were all produced by Ira Glass, “Last Night On Earth” is a lyrical experiment at discovering meaning in mortality. - SSWA Edited by Ryan Bradford and Justin Hudnall

Last Night On Earth at Amazon or by going to the store at So Say We All Press. Also make sure to visit Last Night on Earth on Goodreads.